A Simplified Application for Mortgage Loans on Mobile Phones

A, a 30-year-old professional who recently signed an apartment, is in a hurry to go around the branch to get a bank loan and prepare various documents. It is not easy to compare the terms of loan rates and limits by bank. Credit and charter loans are also mobile, but I could not understand why mortgage loans are so complicated.

Recently, commercial banks have been releasing mobile mainstays that can solve these inconveniences and apply easily in non-face-to-face. Kookmin Bank K-bank Shinhan Bank is selling similar products, and Nonghyup Bank and Hana Bank also introduced new non-face-to-face main products this year.

It is not as easy as mobile credit loans, which end the loan process in three minutes after the application, because it is a streamlined procedure, but the documents required by consumers are not reduced. There are also a few restrictions, such as requiring at least one visit to a branch office by bank, restricting the target items to apartments, and only applying for salary income.

Simple check of interest rates and limits within five minutes

Kookmin Bank K-bank Shinhan Bank Nonghyup Bank Hana Bank and other apps to apply for a main bank, it is possible to show the limit and interest rate and to execute it directly. The time to hang on the document preparation and loan application can be reduced drastically.

When visiting a branch office and applying for a main loan, it was essential to check whether the bank loan was possible at least two weeks before the signing of the contract, considering the time it took to take during the screening process. At least ten documents to be prepared are required: first, contract-related documents such as a home sales contract, a registration right certificate, and a lease (if necessary). I had to visit the branch with a real name confirmation certificate (identity certificate), a copy of resident registration (issued within one month), a resident registration copy (all address change history, new mortgage time), a transfer household reading history, income proof documents (such as a receipt for collecting income from work), certificates of qualification (such as a certificate of re-employment), as well as a seal certificate and seal stamp.

If you apply for a non-face-to-face state-run rental, the government’s personal information will be automatically scrapped (copyed the output screen) using a joint certificate (formerly authorized certificate) registered on your smartphone. This will replace the submission of the supporting documents: 3 to 5 minutes to show the availability of the loan, the applicable interest rate and limit.

The Nonghyup Bank and Kookmin Bank offer a 0.2% point and 0.1% point discount on interest rates compared to existing state-run banks, respectively, by applying for non-face-to-face state-run loans. Shinhan Bank and Kookmin Bank cut interest rates by 0.2 percentage points when they trade real estate in the form of electronic contracts. It can take 0.5 ~ 1.0 percentage points of interest rate reduction benefits for each bank, such as transaction performance, salary transfer, interest rate 폰테크 preference according to the size of the main loan and the mortgage recognition ratio (LTV).

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to

Banks are keen to make non-face-to-face conversations at the main bank because they have confirmed that users are attracted as the procedure is simplified. In August last year, K-bank released non-face-to-face apartment mortgage products for the purpose of living and living funds, and its performance has exceeded 500 billion won recently. It is operating in the form of providing loans to 150 people every day.

The main policy is that it is very difficult to create a non-face-to-face process. There are many cases where it is necessary to link documents with policy guarantee agencies or check whether regulations such as LTV are applied.Most banks only receive applications in non-face-to-face, but they are giving out the main bank through the process of being directly reviewed by the banker. Unlike non-face-to-face credit loans, it is the reason why they can apply for the main bank only during the day and time.

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