I’ll make a reservation for another happy time.

I cleaned up my busy March and started exercising again, did Pilates again, and went to Cheongdam Massage on vacation to relax my muscles!!!

To have a healing time for me, I went to Apgujeong Natural Taispa, which I like. I received a couple massage in the past, and I had a great memory, so I called you after a long time and went to a shop where I could. Especially, I made a reservation in the morning because I’m closed, but the morning reservation is being promoted at an exceptional price, so I recommend it as a Cheongdam massage, which is the best price for cost-effectiveness!

Natural Taispa is a Thai massage restaurant in Apgujeong, where there are many famous restaurants and valet parking. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve 짭까사이 been there, I was touched because I didn’t take the time and only the memories were left. I wanted to come with my family if I had the right time, but I was the only one to go alone and get this good thing.

Looking at these small props and atmosphere, I really want to go on a trip, but Thailand is a country that I always want to go because I have never felt it properly because I have only been to a resort. They say Bangkok is really nice. I suddenly remembered that I was massaged in a banyan tree.
Just finish the corona. As long as you can’t go around, I’ll solve it completely!!!

Anyway, this is the price of the Cheongdam Massage Shop Natural Taispa, where you can go on a short trip to Thailand while looking back on your memories in Seoul! Starting with 45,000 won for 60 minutes of authentic Thai massage, basic packages such as Herbal Ball, Deep Tissue Oil Therapy are also cost-effective massage. I am so greedy that I want to taste it, and even if I have a lot of fatigue, I received both Tymasa and Herbal Aroma Oil Massage as a package course for fatigue recovery! Especially, it has the advantage of having oil massage, which is dry and wet, but it is more useful because it also includes foot massage and allows you to enjoy foot reflex therapy.

Membership can be shared with family, friends, and lovers, so I got a massage and hung up on one. You should come with me next time! You can choose a massage for your membership and add extra money to your subscription, so you can get a 30-40% discount. And if you have morning time, it’s really cheap because of the morning promotion, so I strongly recommend it as a cost-effective Cheongdam massage!

Then why don’t you go get a massage? The sanitary panties that you prepared, Madain Thai, and the Thai travel, Ddangmida massage clothes were so local that I liked it. It was so comfortable and comfortable that I wanted to wear this at home in the summer.

Before the fatigue recovery course, I took a foot bath and chose aroma oil. think about what to do I’m a rose that’s good for women. Select!

— You’ve already come here for a healing or massage since you’ve washed your feet. Time to realize.

I’m going to send my father or mother to see the two beds.

You can start with a dry massage in a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere! I had a lot of muscle pain after the workout, and it was a good strength to relax. So I took my breath away and warmed up without any music!

In addition, the foot massage was good as the foot massage, the warm hub ball was good as the hub ball, and the fatigue bear on the shoulders and back melted. It was a great package to get all kinds of fatigue recovery courses!

She was thoroughly quarantined, so when I was getting a massage, I was so relieved that I was alone that I got a Cheongdam massage.

After the beautiful 90 minutes, I’ve had a tremendous recovery from fatigue! In fact, I got a massage and I had a PT and a dermatologist’s appointment, but I got a good massage, so I had a great vacation schedule all day long.

My hair is all over the place, but I’ve recovered completely. You can take a shower if you want and get your body ready, so please refer to it!
I just go to exercise and take a shower after exercising!

On the way out, there were some natural products from Kaoko, and I thought it would be expensive because it was Apgujeong Massage Shop in Cheongdam-dong, but the price was too good. I was kicked out of PT class, but the next time, I wanted to test it out and watch it. I lost my membership, so I’ll be back again!!! Personally, massage can be different depending on the manager’s or individual’s massage style, but I’ll go there several times to taste the hands of local managers and write an honest review. Please refer to it.~

I’ll make a reservation for another happy time.

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