I think I can’t wait for next year’s cherry blossoms!

Every April, the Heungcheonnam Han River Cherry Blossom Festival, a representative cherry blossom festival attraction in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, is ripe. The festival runs for three days from April 9 to 11, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and in fact, there are many cars on weekdays, but if you come to the festival on weekends, it can become more crowded, so it is best to visit on weekdays after the festival.

힐링업 Drive-through Festival for Your Healing” allows you to enjoy the cherry blossom festival during this festival, following the guidelines for preventing social distancing without getting out of your car for safety.

Since Yeoju Heungcheon Namhan River Cherry Blossom Festival is a driving course, it is enough to enjoy cherry blossoms even if you don’t get out of the car.

Getting out of the car, looking at the cherry blossoms and taking pictures would be better after the festival ends on the 11th.

It’s a great place to come with family, lovers, and friends. It was a weekday when I visited, but there were many people who visited here.

We don’t have a separate parking lot. The area around the festival site is all drive-through, so avoid parking is usually avoided. If you park your car, you should stay as close to a quiet place or street as possible so that you don’t have any damage to the movement of the car.

You can see many healing and healing phrases such as “You’re special,” “Don’t think you’re alone.” I don’t think I saw the phrase when I came here last time, but this festival was well designed to meet the purpose of overcoming Corona Blue.

The view of the cherry blossom road with bright white cherry blossom leaves was a place that made people really admire. It looks like a famous cherry blossom festival in Yeoju.^^

The Heungcheon Nam Han River Cherry Blossom Festival has a long drive course, so it’s good to find a place where there are no people and see it in a quiet place.

The festival period ends after the 11th, and the cherry blossom ending will be held after the 12th, the following week, and the Heungcheonnam Han River Cherry Blossom Festival will also end. It’s a bit short, so it’s a shame, but you have to leave with a sad heart to make you feel more affectionate and look forward to the cherry blossoms next year.

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