Through the hands of a professional manager,

I’ve been staying at home lately.

Time goes by, body goes by a lot.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t use it.

stiff and stiff all over

I kept feeling it.

Just relax a little bit.Dude.

with the feeling that it’s time to do

I finally went to the spa that I had been putting off.

I like Daegu massage restaurant near my house.

I visited the Sparabote daegu store.

a neat and tidy atmosphere in the room

Maybe because of that, my first impression was very good.

The staff will be at the entrance to the store.

You came to meet me, so I can organize my shoes.

He did it himself.

I feel like I’m being treated at the entrance.

I could feel it like a million times.

First of all, to prevent corona,

Careful list preparation and heat check

And I’m done with hand sanitizing.

At the entrance to the store, the guests will be able to find out.

So that you can use it with confidence.

They also displayed the disinfection certificate like this.

Even if it’s disinfected, it’s actually…

Whether you did it or not, you’re the only one.

That’s what you can tell.

But looking at the certificate,

I could definitely use it with confidence.

This is the fitting room I was informed of after checking the temperature.

In the fitting room, cell phones, wallets, etc.

I left my valuables behind.

Even if it’s stolen, it’s a big deal.

There’s no camera in the dressing room.

But Daegu massage is a good place.

At the Spa La Botte Daegu store,

I don’t worry about that!

The manager in charge of the valuables separately.

I’m not worried about losing it because you’re in charge of it.

And the janitors here,

You’re not a foreigner. You’re a national certificate.

With the Korean custodians in their possession.

He’s managed, he’s more reliable.

Prior to full-scale management,

I’ve heard about different kinds of oil.

I chose the oil I wanted.

I chose oil and took a foot bath.

Footloose to all the programs.

It’s a free place!

Just adding foot bath to another service

I’ve seen where it’s costing us.

This is a foot bath for no extra charge.

It was nice to be able to use it.

While taking a bath at the Daegu Massage Spa La Botte Daegu store,

You can use the car like this.

Besides the common coffee and green tea,

There was even hot chocolate and daily hubby!

In the winter, you can drink warm drinks.

It can melt and cool in summer.

I’m going to use a drink to moisten my throat.

Iced and hot.

I think they’ve got you ready.

The course I chose is…

Dry massage, neck, shoulders, etc.

And oil up to the waist.

Lower body front, rear oil management

This course includes Labote 60 and Guino Face 60 minutes.

The aroma of the oil you chose earlier

It was a healing experience.

And I’m not the only person who can post this.

The big reason is that you don’t take off your clothes.

So you come with your friends and family.

There’s no pressure to take care of them.

100% handwritten with no pressure

You can get specialized care that’s administered.

I’m getting a dry massage right now.

After the dry massage, I received the upper and lower body oil massage.

The muscles that stick together with the oil.

You let him go, so he can relieve the edema.

The cool feeling is the best!

I’m still getting a lot.

I’ve already recovered from my fatigue.

I felt like I was feeling lighter.

After rear management

She massaged my lower body.

Usually, when you massage at home,

Backward center, not forward.

I did a massage. The front, too.

I’ll have to pay attention from now on.

Face care after body care!

This is the face finish pack.

Guinoface management includes cleansing,

Deep cleansing with fillings.

I do the first pack and ampoule.

Next, Face & Decolte Handwriting

It’s maintenance, it relaxes your muscles.

Ampling, another second pack.

It’s a care that even provides basic makeup.

It’s a good way to fill in the gaps.

My skin is much clearer with care.

I got skin care, and I was so…

It’s refreshing.

I came out and found out,

There is a paper for customer satisfaction survey.

listening to customers

The meticulousness of the Spa La Botte Daegu store stood out.

Isn’t Daegu massage a good place?

Of course I’m satisfied! Very satisfied!

Just a face, body, and a smoothie.

It’s getting dark and I keep touching it.

I felt like I was being kind by myself.LOL

I could be this kind.

I thought there was.

After I’m done with my management,

I’m going to review it on Naver through the receipt.

A review that presents kits if left

There’s an event.

They’re selling exclusive gift certificates.

It looked good to give as a gift!

And I’m in the privacy department.

I’ve been managed by a couple management office.

with friends and family

짭까사이 There was a separate management room for 4 people so that I could get it!

Of course, there was a footroom for foot care.

Daegu Massage Good Place

Sparabotte Daegu branch.

There’s a list of products.

Every single one of them looks so good.

What each product is like.

It’s explained, so the more I look at it,

I want everything. Another course.

I’m going to use another product.

I wanted to receive it.

Man’s greed is endless.

Besides the care I received,

Slimming care for women only. It’s for women.

Cellulite or circulating care

There is also a course that you can choose from!

Cellulite before summer comes.

I’m gonna have to break it down.

There’s lower body and abdomen.

Hmm… Can’t you do both, sir?

I really need both of them….

The next course has been decided by you!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a stiff body.

My refreshing healing time~!

I’ll be back soon!

I’m going to get a stiff body in front of the desk.

Through the hands of a professional manager,

Try to cool it down. Everyone~

I’ll leave a review here and say hello.

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