Students and anyone at work can help you fall in love with jujitsu easily and joyfully.

I want to learn jujitsu, but are you still hesitating?
Don’t you know which gym to go to?

I’ll let you know exactly!
Come to Naju Ship, the only person on Earth to be coached by Ju Ji-su!

Na Ju-bae is a gym taught by the head of the national Sijosaegwan, and is a jiujitsu gym where all men and women of all ages are enjoying learning jiujitsu.

Make sure to search for Sijosaegwan on Naver and YouTube!
And here’s a link to the hot article that was posted yesterday.

Silver Medallis Stevens at the Rio Olympics was also a master of this technique.

Sanji Hibeiru is a master of this piggyback ride.

A piggyback ride from the Abu Dhabi match.

Lastly, let’s wrap up with the highlight video of the nose lifting.

53 years old is a young age, but another star has fallen.

I don’t do jiu jitsu just for the players.
Students and anyone at work can help you fall in love with jujitsu easily and joyfully.
(Want to be a player is too hard!)I’ll make you do it.

If you have any more questions after reading the blog,
Feel free to contact me anytime!!

I’m going to upload a few photos of today.~~

Stretching is basic!
Always do it before you start exercising!! Definitely!!
It’s time to learn and practice jujitsu skills.
If it doesn’t work, I’ll let you know until it works.
Welcome newbie, ladies and gentlemen.
I’ll learn 주짓수 jiujitsu skills, and when I’m done practicing,
We can’t skip the jiujitsu sparring, can we?
It’s the most fun time.
Let’s wrap up with a group photo.
Let’s not lift our heels.
Representative of Earth’s Joujisujisu

You’re a beautiful woman wearing a mask.

We only have group photos for 9 o’clock.
Na Ju-bae is currently operating for two hours (7 o’clock).9 o’clock)
Instead of increasing the time,
We’re only running two hours to focus on two times and give you the right number of weeks.
Instead, exercise time per hour is 90 minutes longer than other gyms.
An hour of exercise is not enough for Lee Wang-ha!
Now the actor has to learn how to do jujitsu.

It’s a technique often used by judo players.

The nose that the athlete is using is a piggybacking of the nose.

It’s so easy to find Naju bae!
It’s attached to Exit 4 of Daechi Station.
I can say it’s stuck together, right?
This is Na Ju-bae from Jiu-Jitsu Gymnasium in the super-station area of the Earth.

And Na Ju-bae…
This is a certified gym under the American Sports Council.
Those who want to start jiujitsu for the first time!
Make sure to check if it’s an authorized gym in the U.S.~~
Do you understand why I have to learn jujitsu in Naju now?

Many people come from far away to learn how to do jiujitsu.

Some of my friends came from other regions to study in Jujitsu.
There’s a good reason for that’
Welcome to the passionate people.

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