I think I’m going to sleep. I got it while dozing off.

I got an aroma massage from ‘Woman Home Care’, a company specializing in postpartum massage in Gimhae. He specializes in postpartum massage, but he also does aroma massage for the general public!​

Actually, I like massage, so I went to aesthetic shops without membership and general shops. But it was my first time to get a business trip massage. I went to work out in the morning, washed up, cleaned up my house, and they came to see me!

The move was still less organized.
ㅠ_ㅠ Most of all, the blanket had a lot of cat hair on it, so I cleaned it up hard, but it was less cleaned.
I thought I was a little embarrassed, but I had no problem getting a massage.
Because the teacher brought a very comfortable and clean mat.

They set it up so that I can lie down and receive it.
You have to be warm when you get a massage. They even brought the electric pad and set it at a perfect temperature.
At first, I wondered why you carried 출장안마 this around, but after getting a massage, I realized it. It was very comfortable to lie down and receive it. Also, massage oil is buried on the floor as I move my body, and I didn’t have to worry about my blanket getting dirty because I’m lying on a large towel that you prepared.

I got an aroma massage from a postpartum massage company in Gimhae.
Finally, the time, massage oil, and pillow are all set up. Let’s get started with massage time.
Doesn’t it seem like the house suddenly changed to a massage shop?
He prepared a subtle song and played it on his phone. ^^ Feels like you’re at home but you’re not at home. But it’s a lot more comfortable than going to the shop and getting it.

You asked me first whether I should take the uncomfortable places or proceed with the normal course, but I followed the normal course.
So you start with your feet, and then you massage the front of your body,
Flip it over and massage the back of your body from your feet to your head.

You said my shoulders, wrists, and waist were not good.
I can’t help it because of the nature of my long-time computer job. ㅠㅠ My teacher told me that it’s good to stretch my back a lot and taught me some good ways to stretch my shoulders.

He also said he was full and asked me to drink something warm and keep him warm.
He also informed me of health information that if my shoulders are not good, the director can’t help but be bad.

Women’s home care, which I received a business trip massage, was all Korean, so it had the advantage of being able to communicate well.
They’re experienced, so they controlled their performances and treated us kindly.
They told me that it’s not good to get too strong when you get a massage. If you get it strong, your body won’t relax, but it can get worse.

Prenatal massage, postpartum massage, aroma massage.
I roughly made a video of the massage process. Please understand if I’m not good at editing videos yet. ^^;
Take a picture or a video throughout the massage. I had something to do, so I came to my senses, but if I didn’t, I would have fallen asleep. I got it while dozing off.

Aromasage alone makes you warm up like this way.
I thought how much more comfortable it would be for pregnant women to get prepartum and postpartum massage.

Especially, I’m a bit sick and need braces, but it’s not easy to go out because I have a baby. Furthermore, if you don’t want to go to a shop and get a massage in Corona, I thought a business trip massage could be another alternative.

You’re active in Gimhae and Yangsan, so if you’re interested, you can contact me. : )

Lastly, stretching! Stretching!
Kimhae Yangsan Sanjeon/Postpartum/Aromasazi Woman Home Care
Although I received a regular aroma massage because I didn’t have children, I was very satisfied.
It also had the advantage of being comfortable at my house, and after getting a massage, I feel drowsy, but the special feature was that I could lie down and sleep right after the teacher left. Haha

I haven’t been able to sleep for a while because I’ve been nervous and stressed out.
As I got a massage for a long time, I fell asleep all day long.

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