If you look at it carefully, you are young and

If you do not know the type of work or the certain type of income, you will ask whether the financial institution is collateral based on the existence of the property. Because it is divided into houses and cars, I will look at the direction of the car mortgage loan
It is part of a consumable that is conveniently used in our lives and its value is reduced and lost over the years. The used price also goes down a lot according to the year, and the evaluation is downgraded due to mileage, breakdown, and accident history.
Regardless of the correlation between the new car and the used car, it should be divided according to the purpose of setting the second order whether to look at the additional direction or to set the second order according to the existence of the installment or 폰테크 collateral remaining as the vehicle after the 2014 model year.
It is not only a vehicle, but a set up like a house, but it does not interfere with the operation at all,
If you are being used as a rental or business lease, you will have to look at the conditions that are not as good as you should be. If you are out of your personal limit and the estimated value is less than 4 million won, you will be judged to be ineligible.
If the driving procedure is essential, it may be a problem if it is necessary to wear it. If it is operated by an individual in an illegal form without registering, it should be careful because the mortgage loan is high due to the establishment of the mortgage, but the enemy is seeing less than 200,000 km2 in actual driving distance It’s being used in the hair, so you’d better look ahead
It is true that cars are the main stock, but the car owner’s CB score also affects, so it is not ineligible to maintain the Allcredit (KCB) score of 454 points or more. Even if it is being revived, it is not ineligible to see the connection of the remaining installment.
If you are computed for a temporary price and are fit, you need a registration card, a driver’s license that does not expire during the renewal period, a copy, and a dashboard photo. There may be a seizure setting for the penalty.
As non-face-to-face is activated, the receipt itself is also through web reception or fax simple text transmission, but each of the debts is wrong and the yearly and mileage accident history is different.
As the face-to-face approach is shrinking, the number of impersonations of financial institutions is also increasing, so be careful about the inability to register and to wear it, at least decide whether to register and ask if you can protect your personal information to reduce the risk
Let’s take a look at the actual case below

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