She was so good during the massage!

March is already here.
Time really flies. – !
I think spring will come soon.
We’re already headed for our 100th day.

It feels like yesterday when I was stressed out by a fever.
The heat is already fading.
Ddodam, who is showing her fair skin : )

But after Taeyeol passed by,
There’s something else going on.
That’s what happens to the scalp!

Most babies go through a lot, though.
We’re stuck together around the clock.
If you see any dead skin on your head,
I feel like I have to take care of you.

They say it’s okay if you let it go.
I want to take care 인천건마 of you again!

I was looking into him at Mustella.
I heard the released products are good.

And baby oil recommended for baby massage.
I’m going to massage your scalp.
I heard it’s okay to put it on carefully.

Baby Oil
Vitamin Barrier Cream
Foam Shampoo for Newborn

I’ve written three things in a row : )

Mustella is a European No. 1 Baby Dermo skincare brand.
It’s a brand that has studied only baby skin for more than 60 years.

Today, it includes Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.
sold in more than 91 countries.
It’s a typical baby skin care product 🙂

Normal, dry, extremely dry, sensitive skin.
For each type of skin that fits my baby,
We are providing skin care solutions.

That’s why in my case,
That’s why I got a baby massage oil recommendation!

It’s a baby’s product, so we need to put safety first.

Dermatology and pediatrics have undergone rigorous testing,
Not only is it being manufactured,
The production line is also thoroughly supervised. ;h;

Formula for biodegradable sanitizer,
Use 100% recyclable packaging,
Green electricity through alternative energy shall be used during the manufacturing process, etc.;
It’s a mustella that minimizes the impact on humans and the environment!

Foam Shampoo for Newborn
Foam Shampoo for New Born

It’s not just about taking care of the baby’s scalp.
Taiji, it’s good to use when you take care of your seborrheic scalp.
It’s a shampoo for newborns with important scalp sebum balance.
It cleans and moisturizes the weak scalp and hair.

Baby products are often used as top-to-top wash.
It’s a shampoo that’s used separately.
I think I can focus on the scalp and hair!

It contains 99% of natural ingredients.
Even if it gets in your eyes while you’re in the bath,
I heard it’s a hypoallergenic formula that doesn’t sting.

Before I bathe you, I’m gonna take a bath.
Baby massage oil recommendations.
Put it on your scalp and let it soak a little bit.
I washed it out with baby shampoo, and it was okay.

Vitamin Barrier Cream 123
Vitamin Barrier Cream 123

It’s also called a diaper change soothing cream.
It’s a dipper cream for weak skin.

such as hips, skin folds, etc.
It can be used on fragile baby skin.
With a fresh, matte finish,
It’s minimizing frictional irritation!

I thought it’d be nice to put it on for the upcoming warm weather.

Baby massage oil recommended for dry skin
It’s soft on the frictional areas.
Vitamin Barrier Cream 123 would be great ‘ㅅ’♥

Baby Oil
Baby Oil

in multi-dry oil
Easy to use for moisturizing and massage purposes
It’s light and fresh. ‘ㅅ’

Soft and fast seeps into fragile skin.
It’s a light texture that’s not sticky.

Avocado fruit extract, a patented ingredient of Mustella’s own.
Strengthen the fragile skin barrier.
It protects against loss of water.
Especially in winter, if you mix it with lotion,
It’s said to make it more moisturizing 🙂

Baby massage oil is recommended because
It’s to create deep communication with the baby!

Massage allows you to share your emotions and communicate.
It helps build special bonds between parents and children. ♥

It smells so good, and I love it.
She was so good during the massage!

Mustella’s over 60 years of baby skin research,
We provide four skin care methods
For each type of skin that fits the baby,
Why don’t you choose a product line and use it?

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