the depressed economic mortgage loan is easily

Real estate issues do not seem to be shrinking after the 12.17 measures last year. As the value of the house rises sharply, it is hurting consumers who aim to have my house. It is not easy to collect money to buy my house while living a basic life with the salary obtained through work life. Even if you keep collecting money for at least 20 years, it is hard to guarantee to buy an apartment in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

It is a harder task at a time when regulations related to loans are strengthened due to the sluggish economy. Especially, considering mortgage loans in the situation of being tied to regulated areas such as speculative overheating areas and adjustment areas, it is necessary to identify the seniority through banknotes and to use additional funds if there is not enough money.

If you are looking at housing in a regulated area, it is important to first identify the available LTV limit. In the case of general areas, LTV70% can be helped in the first place, but 40% of speculative overheating districts and 50% of adjusted areas are given, so the amount of financial products available through 1 financing will be reduced. And if the apartment price is over 900 million, 20% will be deducted, and if it is over 1.5 billion, it will not be able to get any help from financial companies. In the early days, it was concentrated mainly in the metropolitan area, but now it is expected that it will be difficult to avoid this area as it is expanded nationwide.

It is not easy to predict where and how to spread the next measures, but I am careful to expect that it will include Gangwon-do area, which is relatively clean and has a small distribution. As the amount that can be covered by your own funds is limited, you have to think about additional funds, and subordinated loans are not regulated, so you need to use them compared to the limit and interest rates according to the amount 폰테크 , you need. Depending on the purpose, the LTV limit is applied differently, and it can be divided into life stabilization funds and business funds.

Life stabilization funds can be granted up to LTV 85%, and business funds can be applied up to LTV95%. Even if you do not have a current business operator, you can get the execution on condition that you can issue a business operator and keep it for three months without reporting your business income. Also, since the restriction on loans is growing, it is not possible to ignore the applicant’s income and credit rating, and it is necessary to compare the DTI and DSR parts and select the financial companies to review the amount as much as possible.

1 If you insist on the financial sector, you will have to consider insurers, securities firms, and savings banks that are in the financial sector because the excess of LTV is filled with cash. In the banking sector, the DSR is strengthened, and if the debt is high, it can be applied against the examination.Securities companies and insurers can not follow the senior interest rate, which is formed at 2 ~ 3% in the situation where the investment destination is falling a lot, but interest is formed at a similar level of 3 ~ 7%.

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