I feel like I’m starting a new one.

It seems that many hot places are happening in Seongsu-dong these days.

Sadly, it is a pity that it is difficult to go often because it is a lot far from where I live.

I have been to Ttukseom Station and Seoul Forest Station because there is a wine bar with wine in delicious Korean food.

I thought you were selling sake in the early days of the Open

Now it seems to treat only ordinary wine and natural wine completely.

I like both drinks, so it does not matter much, but it is relatively cheap to feel

There are not as many wines as there are, so it seems to be a lot of female guests.

It’s a place where the real female ratio is overwhelming.
It is hard to find where it is when it comes to the first time, and it is certainly a charming place because it is full of people even though it is on the third floor.

seongsu-dong wine bar midorim menu

Ironically, I was a little curious about the lunch menus, but I was sorry I could not eat at dinner.

Most of the food prices are for 1 ~ 2 thousand won.

I ordered most of the menus on this day, but I thought about tteokbokki and I could not order it.

Two things are strong: Wando Green Pasta and Salosquid toast.
I saw a visitor review written by others while writing a blog, but from the bottom line, it is not an Insta restaurant

Ironically, people in their 20s and 30s are the most informed and have a lot of restaurants in the past.

It is ironic that Insta restaurants are not restaurants and are used to mean that they are not tasted.

There are people who are complaining that some people are small, and those people can go to a rice house or a shochu place.
Anyway, I sell a variety of wines on the menu.

I wrote a good word on top, but if there is one thing I feel sorry for, it is a wine glass.

But if you name it wine bar, I think you should be at least ready for more than Liddell, even if it is not good.

Natural is not my style, honestly, but I eat delicious wine full of seasonings.

We also ordered the White Walter Hanssel Shah.
I don’t know how many you are, but I don’t know anyone.

Anyway, another boss served me wine.

The American shado, which is always delicious.

The basic cold comes from the afforestation with anchovy and potatoes.
If you ask if you like pasta, yes

If you ask if you enjoy it, no

I’ve tried everything to eat, but it’s nice to eat pasta from the soy sauce st capellini noodles.

wando green pasta

I felt that I would be healthy even if I saw it, and I got it well.

I’m satisfied.
Is it because you ordered a good drink? You gave me a service call.

I did not care much because I eat well, but the party said that it has a little bit of a taste.

I can confidently say that I am a Chinese enthusiast again.

I also ordered the Salosquid toast from Menbosha Visual, which was really delicious.

I eat fried, so I get champagne.

I asked about the delicious champagne that was not on the menu, but the domperignon was dropped and there was a crook and crystal.
Caustic rain overwhelmingly thinks 셔츠룸 Crook is good, but I drank crystal at a really good price.

a little bit of a bitch

I have a good wine, so I need a variety of snacks to enjoy!

roasted bulgogi eggplant

The eggplant must be fried
steamed socaré with high coriander

I wanted to eat with Bob.
I have not ordered it separately, but it seems that it came out to eat with curry.

It’s so delicious to eat.
I went to the bathroom for a while and prepared to move the soup on a large scale.

I feel like I have to start a new one as everything I ate is canceled.

It was a very bad day to be open until 9:00.
And the countryside jajami pot rice that I think is signature
I gave it to the number of people, but I do not know if there is a certain amount or if I can eat more leftovers.

I was so distracted by alcohol that I wanted to eat more delicious, but I did not ask.

During the day, we sell pork cutlets and have a variety of menus

It is an interesting space where you can have a glass of wine at night in Korean food.

I also have a room, so I’d like to have a wine meeting next time.

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