True sales don’t require any craftsmanship

A lot of salespeople are in the midst of this poor environment.

He’s been struggling day and night, and he’s been working hard to succeed.

I’m sure 백링크 you’re not sparing it.

But how many people have succeeded?

How can we do happy marketing?

There’s a lot of people online these days.

He’s got his own sales know-how and skills.

It’s been a long time since a lot of educational programs have been introduced.

It’s so much that it’s blinding and it’s increased.

Books, educational materials, etc.

I’ve studied, I’ve applied myself.

What’s the reality like? Did you succeed?

What’s the secret of successful salespeople?

The world today is different from what it used to be, because of online.

It’s easy and diverse to get a lot of in a variety of everyone’s needs.

You can get it.

That’s how smart the customers are, and the purchasing peton…

They’ve changed a lot.

It’s literally time for some kind of trick or trick.

It means that we can’t induce them to buy it.

No matter how the world changes, there is an immutable law.

If you know that and you’re doing business, you’re gonna have to be successful.

I assure you there is.

Most salespeople only have their own interests.

To pursue all the means, methods, techniques,

I’m busy learning.

With this mindset of business, it’s a moment’s worth of work.

It could be a success, but it ends with a single blow.

Continuous additional transactions are not guaranteed.

One of my acquaintances is an insurance business.

One of his clients is from China to Korea on business.

There was someone who was here.

I happened to know that I was a friend, and I bought insurance.

I’ll make a suggestion.

He’s not doing well, so he can’t afford it.

I asked you to recommend the least payment insurance.

The first thing she needs is loss insurance.​

But what the insurance guy recommended was,

It was life insurance.

Loss insurance has a low pay, and in the case of the deceased, it’s a very low pay.

I recommended it out of personal greed because there are a lot.

Later, when the Chinese found out, their relationship with friends.

The Chinese eventually refused to lose their money, and they reached the middle limit.

I’ve come to…

If that insurance policyholder were to take the Chinese friend’sir,

If you’ve analyzed it and recommended insurance,

What’s the outcome?

Maybe we’ll have to sign up for additional sign-ups and get to know each other.

He would have introduced more acquaintances as he built up.

So that’s the only way to get a lot of customers.

With the additional sign-up, the infinite keyman for me…

It can be created and accomplished with endless achievements.

You can do happy marketing right away.

Maybe that insurance guy right now is gonna have to do it every single day.

I’m sweating a lot, developing new customers.

I’m sure you’re trying

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