It’s a real estate loan that you can get regardless of your income.

In my life, I get into various situations. You may need an urgent lump sum of money or have a big accident that you didn’ I wish I had a lump sum of money saved, but if not, I have no choice but to borrow the power of the bank. So today, we’re going to look at a variety of products. Let’s have a time to find out the types, qualifications, and conditions of Kakao Bank loans.
First of all, what is Kakao Bank like? This is an Internet bank that operates without branches. In Korea, it is an Internet bank that was launched twice after K-Bank. The convenience of the bank is emphasized because it can solve most of the bank’s business with just a cell phone, including remittance and issuance of check cards. It is available anytime, anywhere, anytime, and has the advantage of selling low-interest products as much as 1 financial sector.

It’s an emergency loan suitable for those who don’t have cash or who don’t have enough money because it’s before payday.

[Product Guide ]

– Subject to subscription: For those who have met all the requirements of Kakao Bank regardless of their job or income, this is eligible. You must be at least 19 years old Korean who can issue a guarantee of Seoul Guarantee Insurance, and there must be no credit problems such as overdue or bankruptcy. In addition, there should be no personal rehabilitation, bankruptcy, and no overdue loans or financial fraud records from Kakao Bank.

– Limit and duration: It is a loan that can be used with a negative account, from a minimum of 500,000 won to a maximum of 3 million won. It can be used for a year, but it can be extended on a yearly basis through screening before the expiration date arrives.

[ Loan Interest Rate ]

As of February 05, 2021, the lowest interest rate of 3.117% – 13.385% will be applied. Base rate + Additional rate – Value of preferential rate.

– Base rate: 0.871% per annum

– Additional interest rate: 2.346% per year – 12.514%

– Preferential interest rate: 0.100% per annum

The second negative bank loan type of Kakao Bank loan is an easy-to-use negative bankbook loan because interest only occurs on the amount used amount.

[Product Guide ]

– Subject to subscription: It is for employees with good credit scores, and they should have worked for more than a year based on the National Health Insurance Corporation’s certificate of qualification, but according to Kakao Bank’s standards, they can apply even if they have less than a year. The annual income should be more than 30 million won, and it is aimed at customers who do not have high credit ratings or Kakao Bank overdue records that do not have overdue payments or bankruptcy over the age of 19.

– Limit and duration: The maximum loan limit is 100 million won, but it is applied differently depending on the individual’s creditworthiness and repayment ability. If you want to use it for a year, you can extend it for up to 10 years on a yearly basis after the examination.

– Evidence: We need a certificate of qualification from the National Health Insurance Corporation and a certificate from the National Health Insurance Corporation, which can be submitted through automatic scraping with a public certificate.

– Other: There is no prepayment fee and you 비대면폰테크 can apply anytime from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the 365th.

[ Loan Interest Rate ]

As of February 05, 2021, the loan rate is applied at a minimum of 3.186% to a maximum of 5.163%, which is also applied at the base rate + additional interest rate, but the preferential rate Hetack is not applied.

– Base rate: 0.749% per annum

– Additional interest rate: 2.437% per year – 4.414%

The third type of Kakao Bank loan is real estate loans that young people aged 19 to 34 can receive regardless of their income, even if their tenure is short.

[Product Guide ]

– Subject to subscription: Koreans aged 19 years or older should not have a combined housing for couples among earned or business owners. If you have a house you own, your annual income should be less than 100 million won, and the price of the house should not exceed 900 million won. If you acquire an apartment with a market price of more than 300 million won in a overheated speculation zone, you will be excluded from the loan list.

– Target houses: All houses under the registration register are included, including apartments, row houses, multi-family houses, and residential officetels.

– Limit and duration: Up to 222 million won can be used within 80% of the lease deposit and up to 3 years can be used for more than 1 year.

[ Loan Interest Rate ]

As of February 05, 2021, 2.027% – 3.412% is applied annually, and the base rate is 0.9 + the additional rate is 1.127% – 2.512% per year.

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