You haven’t found anything suitable for Christmas?

Hi, this is Felix. The hottest part of office workers these days is about posture. From turtle necks to carpal tunnel syndrome, I decided to give my wrists some extra time because of the work environment of office workers, including the carpal tunnel syndrome, among many problems caused by simply poor posture! The surprising part is that SKY Sky, a mobile phone brand that we know, now has its own position in the market as a household appliance! The product Felix met today is the brand SKY’s new product called ‘Todak’, which perfectly conquered the whole era.

Toadak design & detail that takes care of me warmly

Magic with a clean finish and a needle effect

In the category of SKY hand massage we know, which is reborn as a lifestyle brand that takes care of me, it shows the power of Hyeja to all the office workers who have stiff, swollen, numb, or blood circulation in the morning, especially for office workers, programmers and coders, after meeting a lot of open cases. I thought it was very intuitive to use it with simple touch controls and intuitive Korean writing. Along with the pure white design, we added easy charging using the USB-C type charging terminal, which is the unified standard for smartphones these days!

Easy to use anytime, anywhere

Gadget, who takes care of myself at the 건마 highest cost-effectiveness!

One of the great advantages of being able to be used for both men and women is that the Todak hand massager can be used in large hand mode if the hand is a little big, and for women, it can be used in small hand mode and flexible according to the size of their hands. It’s great that all families can use it easily with just one! If you squeeze your hands in and spread them out, it starts the massage softly and comfortably.

Inside, there is a dense, resin-sensitive geopressor, which is supported by an ergonomic-style air massage and thermal function to provide traditional resin acupuncture, which is portable anytime, anywhere with a compact weight of about 730g, and looks comfortable with 210x174mm. The concept of CARE, which everyone experiences with simple manipulation, From the design of the Sky Hand massage to the value of the product, I think Felix’s concept of a cost-effective product is perfect!

SKY Todak Hand Massage Practical Use Review

The hand is a miniature of the whole body, so care is essential.

The Todak Hand Massage function is to control the desired intensity by adjusting the pressure level of the 3rd stage. Felix listens to the weakest mode on a very tired day, sleeps in the weakest mode, and raises the 3rd stage to relax the wrist and hand muscles as much as possible! If your hands are swollen frequently, stage 2 is painful, and stage 3 is when you need to do a strong massage, you can adjustment of strength according to the situation.

Operation and use is very simple: deep into the wide open area and operate the operation button. Finally, one of the tips for use is to apply hand cream and apply a todak hand massage with sanitary gloves, the heat function used in three stages with the most moisture can draw heat (low, high) and maximize the pressure of the machine.

You haven’t found anything suitable for Christmas? I have to go to my parents. Is there anything good for the cost-effectiveness? If you ask Felix, I think the hand massage products are the best, for a thorough massage with a resin needle, for each of the three levels of pressure controlled household members, plus for a perfect hand acupuncture effect with heat! I think the Sky Todak Hand Massage will be the best cost-effective gift at the end of the year! It’s Christmas soon, everyone!

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