a reliable used car, 88카

After having enough conversation, we found the appropriate car throughout the country and confirmed that the car was suitable for what you wanted to report, and we reviewed it after visiting a remote area.
Since they didn’t visit the car, they leave a lot of process to me, so I think it’s not a bad report compared to the cars in the entire region, so I’ll send them details of the review after moving, send them in shape, and give them an introduction.
At the end of the day, I checked the lower air and found something unusual while checking the lower part, so I didn’t check for any symptoms of miswork leakage. When I checked, I found a message related to the short-term driving distance like the above due to the bolt washer problem.
So far, there have been plenty of warranty seasonings left, so I went over to the AutoQ Service Center, not the repair shop near the sales complex.
I was able to get a free warranty due to the symptoms of a misworking leak, but after a while, I checked it out and saw the symptoms on the lift, and the technician said, “It’s not a rubber door that keeps the gasket from leaking, but it’s a bolt that keeps the engine malfunctioning and the discharge.
If you’d just replaced it with a new bolt, it would have changed. As soon as I felt embarrassed, I was replaced by a 88카 new bolt at the AutoQ Service Center. When I was in charge of the garage, I got a hot fever and the rubber gasket became old and empty.
Certainly, the durability of cars on the market these days is not bad.
I feel that cars from the past years are more prone to symptoms, which were taken while reviewing old, old, used cars.
It was a shipment that replaced the old gasket with a new one. I’ve been through this process many times, and I tried my best to do my best for the person who bought the car, so I thought about small problems seriously and visited the AutoQ Service Center to solve the problem

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