Give me a happy time as a gift.

The program offers a wide variety of courses, including the Basic course, Sweetsy+Romey+Leaf course, and the Brazilian Waxing course and the Sweetsy Duricos, so you can choose your favorite therapy and visit anytime because it is open 365 days a.m.

Incheon Emotional Massage – The Daisy
The second shop I will introduce is The Daisy located in Guwol-dong, Incheon. It is mainly a shop that specializes in Swadish massage, Romiro massage, and waxing. It only takes 5 minutes on foot from Exit 5 of Incheon City Hall Station, so you can visit easily. We also offer membership and weekly massage discount events, so you can get more affordable care.


The program is divided into three categories: daisy special course, daisy forehand special care, and daisy waxing course. The D&A course is priced at 110,000 won for 60 minutes, 130,000 won for 90 minutes for D&B, and 280,000 won for 90 minutes for D&F courses. Business hours are from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., and if your phone is turned off, it’s closed or closed, so you should call in advance and visit.

The last thing to find out is the hub located in 땀땡 Cheongna, Incheon. It is a shop that specializes in Swedish massage and aroma massage. All Korean and Chinese massage managers are present, so you can receive more detailed care and there is an underground parking lot in the building, so there is no inconvenience at all.

The professional touch is definitely different.

When I scrub myself, it’s too hard.

If you scrub and come out, you’ll see if you’ve rubbed it.

It was red all over the place. It was irritating.

Lola’s doing it.

Don’t let it hurt, but carefully.

He took care of me.

I thought you weren’t an expert.

It’s an official I’ve never felt before.

Both front and back.

After scrubbing thoroughly,

Wipe with a steam towel.

I’m in charge of the collagen bubble whipped cream shower.

It said collagen bubble whipped cream shower management.

I was wondering what this was.

It’s literally as soft as whipped cream.

Collagen Bubble. Received by microscopic stimulation.

Spa management. Antistress.

It’s a very effective management.

I feel so good 🙂

The soft collagen bubble whipped cream that touches the body

# Gently wraps yourself around the world #

Slowly, softly, softly.

He’s taking care of me.

She felt like she was melting.

Why the official name is Romantic Refresh Therapy.

Okay:) The name of the management is literally perfect.

It’s a relaxing, relaxing routine.

I’ve been pressing like acupressure.

I’ve only gotten a lot of massages.

Wow, this time I’m getting this soft-hearted management.

You’ve noticed the charm.

It was a very pleasant and drowsy official.

After collagen whipped cream bubble whipped cream shower care,

After taking a warm shower,

I feel like I’m born again.

It was a refreshing world.

Thank you so much, Director Laura!

And what I felt right after I took a shower was,

The dermatologist’s completely soft.

It’s gotten softer!

Actually, the skin covers the whole body.

It’s too much on the face to take care of it.

You know, the skin on your body is precious.

It melts stress.

It was anti-stress management 🙂

Gangnam Massage YJ Spa & Waxing

For me who have worked so hard at the end of the year.

Give me a happy time as a gift.

I recommend it!

in easy condition

I’ve been home since I was taken care of.

I feel like I’m touching the skin of my body.

Thumbs up!

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