You even recorded the counseling chart and professionally consulted!

A couple room with a spacious interior. There was plenty of room in the room, so there was no inconvenience when using it.

When I lay down on the mat, I like that there is no dust in the corner and it is clean.

As soon as I lie down, two Thai managers come in.

The managers at Sadang-dong Massage Shop are women managers from Thailand’s Orthodox Wharf School with more than five years of experience.

I was looking forward to it because I knew about it.

Maybe that’s why I felt a little different from the beginning.

Hand’s overwhelming and skill-wise, just the local thaimasaji shop and Sadangdong massage shop were definitely different.

As I’m usually a normal office worker without any energy, I’m always a shoulder.I’ve been living with a sore throat.

The experts said that if you touch it a little bit, you’ll recognize it at once.

The Thai manager touched my back neck and pressed my shoulders and neck intensively.

Clearly, it felt like it was relaxing the tightness and tightness.

So that you can visit with confidence in Corona’s situation.

Cleanliness and hygiene control were being carried out meticulously.

1. Disinfecting the inside of the spa from time to time.

2. All spa employees are required to wash their hands from time to time.

3. Mandatory for all spa personnel to wear masks

4. Heat check when all employees go to 건마 work.

It is said that we always keep these matters.

I can visit with peace of mind, right?

When I went in, I found out that it was more than I thought.

There were a variety of programs for eating Dong-Ma-ji.

Pre- and post-natal care for pregnant women.

Wedding care programs, and the most basic.

Skin and body care programs are also available in different types of skin care programs.

Everything was ready. Haha

This time, I wanted to get a recommendation for a program that would solve my problems.

I also had time to talk to the manager.~

There were TV and magazines, so I could spend my waiting time not boring. Due to the nature of the one-person shop, we often wait when we arrive early, but we don’t have to wait bored at the one-person shop massage shop.

I was guided to my room and changed my clothes. There is a clothes hanger that is easy to hang and the furniture design is simple and sensual! I personally like this style, so I really wanted it. I didn’t have to hang it on the rack. It was comfortable.
I found out during the consultation that The Trinity Spa is…

Seasonal promotion products come out every month.

These promotional products are designed to make regular programs more popular.

It’s a huge benefit to be able to pay at a good price.~

This quality of management reduces the price burden.

It’s supposed to stay the way it is~!

That’s why I made a power payment as a promotional product.

I’m working on a consultation.

I need you to analyze my condition carefully, and…

Please recommend various programs that will suit me.

He also added a brief description of how it works.

You even recorded the counseling chart and professionally consulted!

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