Mariskin Care located in Hwasan-dong I’m back.

Hello, I’m Yoon Guri.

Yoon-ri, who likes to get massages,

Mariskin Care located in Hwasan-dong

I’m back
Mariskin Care is skin care and obesity care

It’s a body type diet shop:)

I got a body massage, not skin care.Haha

Yoon-ri, who has a bad posture,

He has a bad shoulder, and he’s having poor circulation problem.

My hands and feet are freezing.

Enough to show blueness on your fingers. crying

If you take off your socks, you’ll see the marks on your socks.

As sharp as her,

It’s not blood-flowing.
That’s the only way I can relax my circulation.

I was looking forward to it because it was a massage shop.

Mariskin Care, unlike other massage shops,

It’s a massage parlor that uses alpo etherapy.

I heard it at first, and it was so strange.

I asked the director~!

What is alpoyuteraphy?

hand frequency therapy

You can use electrophoresis to create 스웨디시 muscles, lymph nodes, infarction, etc.

Let’s just say we’re letting her go-!

You wouldn’t know if you heard it like this.

I’ll go under and explain in detail:-)

Marisken Care Massage Shop

Yoon Woo Ri who looks around slowly

Christmas has come for Mariskin Care:-)

I could see the scale, but…

I passed it proudly.LOL

fear of weighing

I’ve got another guest.

I’ll start with a pelvic massage before I go to counseling.

I got it.

Why Pelvic Equilibrium Is Important

The reason why pelvic equilibrium is important

If the pelvis is open and twisted, the whole body will be affected.

It’s crazy, so the whole body’s out of balance.

It becomes a warped position, and when it does,

It can lead to facial asymmetry.

Furthermore, one day the causative mother is a disease.

I’m told you can continue, so make sure you get a pelvic balance!

I’ll have to hold it for you, right?

Sitting in that pelvic bony chair over there.

When you start the machine, it’s on both sides.

Pressing the thighs and pelvis,

It’s vibrating from the bottom surface.

And it’s a chair that balances the pelvis.

So, in this pelvic-balanced chair, you can massage for 10 to 15 minutes.

After I got it, I had a consultation with the director-!

Shoulder clumps, blood circulation.

I’m telling you that edema is a problem.

Personalized management for the problem

They’re going in-!

It’s not a plan.

Manage with the right, customized plan for me

It makes me more reliable

It was Mariskin Care Massage Shop!

Maybe it’s because Yoon-ri’s job as a nurse,

I’m interested in my health.

After consulting with the director,

He went into the maintenance room.

Can you see the bed and the circular canister?

The round bottle over there has a fever.

Warm your whole body up.

And that footboard next to the bed is important.

on that platform

You go up there and you put a pad on my stomach.

There’s an electric current between you and me–!

It’s like, uh, feeling in the physical therapy room.

Feels like I’m getting electrosurgery!

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