The shower room is really neat and tidy 인천 스웨디시 like a hotel.

Before receiving Bucheon Swedishima Temple,

First of all, they kindly give me tea and snacks, and I was surprised that there were many types of tea.

Usually, they only bring coffee and water, but here they bring juice, tea, coffee, whatever they want.

It’s fun to choose the tea that suits my taste.

The manager entered and showed me the soft aromatherapy after a brief greeting. Aromatherapy is a health care program that benefits the whole body and is already common in Europe and Asia. Many countries are commercializing their own country names, and in the Middle Ages, aromatherapy was widely used to socialize and exploit their power. As you can see from the history, the Aroma therapy was mainly used by royalty and aristocrats, so I come here often to receive Bucheon Gunmas Wedish because I know the efficacy and effectiveness of the Aroma telegraphy management better than anyone else.

Sangdong Single Shop Massage Shop had a large 인천 스웨디시 mirror powder room, so it was good for fixing makeup or touching your hair. The hairbrush is also for one-time use, so you can use it comfortably even in times like this!
I feel refreshed after taking a shower. At the end, they gave me a Rosehip tea, and when I finished with my favorite car, I felt like I was properly cared for. It’s a little difficult to make a reservation, but I think I know why you come all the way to Sangdong!

After I finished my tea, I woke up and used a dressing room and a shower room, and I went in for a quick wash.

The shower room is very neat and well decorated like a hotel and has a variety of amenities.

I didn’t feel any discomfort when I was washing up.~

When you go out for treatment, you can wear your pre-prepared disposable underwear.

I received foot bath service in Bangkok, but I didn’t do foot baths because this place specializes in suede.

Instead, the janitor gave me a full 90 minutes of suede-shima-saji, so instead of spending time in foot baths,

I felt like it was better.

My boss recommended an hour and a half program for my first visit, but I decided to take an hour and a half. As you know, if you like general care, an hour is like a cigarette, so you get an hour and a half. It’s a shame, and if you’re not good at managing your entire body, you’ll get the answer if you take the longest program. And to give you a tip, I purposely come to the shop about 10 minutes earlier than the reservation time. The reason is that there’s no delay in the reservation and there’s plenty of time to spare, so the owners and managers who manage the store really like it, so it’ll naturally be better to get a little more care and take care of it in a better mood. So, I got to take care of it with the boss’ natural and comfortable guidance.

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