Have a refreshing weekend.

The cherry blossom season is back. Everyone~
No, I can’t come back. It’s already over.

Cablene is in Jeongja-dong, Suwon.
I’m living here.

When spring comes, the Jeongja-dong area is…
It turns into a cherry blossom paradise.

If you really look away,
I heard cherry blossoms are all over the place.

짭까사이 Last year, I bought cherry blossoms in my house.
in a vase
Waiting for the flowers to bloom day by day
There was a lot of fun.

No matter what, a big cherry blossom tree.
It’s not like I’m seeing it’s my eyes.
It’s really healing.

Every morning at 8:50 a.m.
I’ll take her to school.
Kabble Mom took a walk around the neighborhood.

I went to a course that I didn’t usually go to.
And the cherry blossom trees that I came across.
This is March 25th.
Before the buds burst, right?

On the other hand, Sansuyu is already in full bloom.

Enlightenment situation on March 29th
It’s more than 70 percent blooming.

The camellia in the apartment complex is blooming one by one.

As expected, the morning of the apartment flower bed is over.
Hyeonho Color

March 30th Enlightenment Situation
It was in full bloom.

My grandmother and mom are coming the next day.
We’ve put off the full-fledged flower viewing until March 31.

March 31st
It’s over at Kabley Academy.
5:30 p.m.

Four generations are taking a walk in Seohocheon.

Is this a cone violet?

Smell the lilacs.

The cherry blossoms look different at sunset.

A walk through the foster willows.
I see people.

You two are sitting and listening ♡

Can you see the cherry blossoms blooming along the street?

In fact, this day is better than cherry blossoms.
Walk is the main thing.

I felt the ease of the evening.

not afraid of people at all
I met ducks.

I finished a short walk.

Cably plays in the playground.

a spectacular view of magnolia

in vain
Finish with exercise

April 1st

We were sorry to see cherry blossoms the day before.
After the House of Cables
I’ve decided to go see the flowers again.

I’ve been in good condition since this morning.

I finished my academy at six.
Let’s go after clearing the chocolate ice cream.

They’re saying flies are coming to their faces, so they’re armed with ironically.Hah!

The sunset again ㅠㅠ

You and your mom are on the right-hand side of Seohocheon.
It’s a day for Seoho Park.
He’s on the left.~~

Look at the mural under the bridge.

Seohocheon Stream is like this.
There’s a stone bridge.

When Cably comes out with a stone bridge,
Make sure you cross the street.

The sunset is not bad, right?^^

Look at the ducks drinking water.
Those apartments over there have beautiful views.
I thought it would be great.^^

When it rains on the weekend,
I’m afraid we’ll run out.crying

By the way, wherever we go in my country,
There are so many sports facilities.
And there’s no way I’ll pass it on.
Kabble Mom always tries to live by looking at the sky and the ground.
Take a picture of the plane.

The scenery I saw inside the Guldari Bridge
I took it because it looked like a frame.^^

The sky is in the water.
Doesn’t it look like oil painting?
The sight of cherry blossoms falling on the water.
She was so pretty.

It’s raining in the wind.
I sat gently on the palm of my mother’s hand.

Where did you see her?
He wanted to make a wish. He wanted to catch it.
I failed and got a little sulky.Haha

It’s on the driveway to Seoho Park.
There’s a backlog of cars going out at night.

I felt it once again.
It’s a lot of trouble if you take it with you.

The perimeter road next to Seohocheon Stream is over.
I’m up there.

You can enjoy the cherry blossom view through the big window.
There was a cafe.
There were quite a few people inside.

the way to Seoho Park

This short length of less than 100 meters.
walking through both cherry trees
It’s the only way.

Like a shelter in the middle, a half-moon-shaped observatory?
There’s room.
The sky, Seohocheon Stream, forsythia and cherry blossoms
Personally, one of the photos I took on this day,
I liked it the most.^^

How many times Cably’s been there?
I went to the playground.
The facilities are old and prohibited!It’s more.

And unfortunately, I’m on a swing.

Another sport balloon.
In fact, before it was reported,
To take a picture of the main cherry blossoms in Seoho Park.
I just wanted to go.
I didn’t think she’d follow me.

fluffyly dropped before dark
We barely managed to get the cherry blossoms on the foster willow.
I wanted to take a picture of my mom in front of him.

I took it like this.
I walked a lot with that luggage.

Actually, that’s the main thing.
Can you see the cars?

If you go straight, you’ll see the grass square.
In the past, when the cherry blossom festival was held near the rocks of the kabbly,
We’ve had Pumba performances and quite a big event.
I remember coming.

10 years of living in Suwon
I’ve been here to see cherry blossoms ever since.

It’s 7:04 and the lights are blazing.
It turned on.
Look at the cell phone clock. It’s not exactly seven o’clock.
I was wondering what’s on at this vague hour.

It depends on the sunset time of the day.

Crossing the bridge

I came here to see the main cherry blossoms.

The cherry blossoms in the light have a nice atmosphere, right?
There are quite a few people at this time.
I’m surprised.

There’s a milestone in Samnam-gil, Gyeonggi-do.
I’ve tried.

This is Samnam-gil, the 4th road.
I didn’t know that day.
the way back
Dear Cably, I’m hungry.
I bought it at an ice cream cafe.
I’ll feed you macaroons.

If you go the way you came, it’s dark and scary.
I took my first trip.

I walk for half an hour and I don’t get home. ㅠㅠ
a lost mother
To the Cables who haven’t come home yet.
SOS, but just by looking at the pictures,
You said you didn’t know where.
You don’t get a taxi.
I don’t know if I look up the directions on Naver directions.
Are you sure you’re not good enough?
Cabli is on her first trip.
You said it was adventurous and fun.
She’s asking me to give her a piggyback hug.
Carry your backpack with your bare skin and carry it with you.
Bite it! Bite it! Turn around and get home!

Two hours of full walking and walking.

past eight o’clock

Hurry up and go to the Okjubu Galbi Barbecue.
I’ll bake a pack, feed it to dinner.
Taking a bath
A long day!

It’s a rainy weekend,
Have a refreshing weekend.♡

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