Thank you so much for your constant help

A lot of days have passed, but what I have to say is

I’m a little chilly and I’m very nervous about wearing clothes

It’s been a while, I guess

You can wear a light cardigan, but it’s cold or hot.

I think it’s a good time to catch a cold in the weather

I always wear a mask because I have a corona

I don’t think there’s a bronchial problem

What a great deal!

A few days ago, I was so sick that my shoulder hurt

while we’re looking for a control tie at the control massage shop

I suggested that it was okay

I’ve been healing with my friend for a long time and I’ve been healing the massage of my house!

The facility was good

Above all, where massage was cool

The manager is happy to meet you at the counter.

I think I can pay for it right away and get a massage.

I made a reservation in advance, but I came a little early

Fortunately, I got it right away without waiting

As shown in the picture, you can get the price of a public housing massage like this

The interior was neat

It may seem a little simple, but it may be said that there are no piles

Lighting, wall coloring, structure,

It was a simple best overall

There is room for rest

There is also a place to take a foot bath

That smells good

the fragrance of the massage shop characteristic is brushed on the whole

I just got in, and I’m feeling good.

You can go into the massage room and shower room.

There are two showers

And they are comfortable and free to use.

Basically, towels, hair dryers, cosmetics, etc.

The basic parts are all in place

Massroom, interior, and very neat.

It was really good

I’ll take a walk to the massage room and change my clothes.

I took a foot bath

He was ready to go so we were ready to go.

I dipped my feet, bathed my feet, and got a massage.

I got a massage for a whole body massage

There are fragrances and dry food, so it would be nice if you eat it according to the taste

That’s better! I can’t say this

Personally, I thought the taimasaji was cooler

It is usually 성남건마 painful or uncomfortable, because it is managed by the whole body

If you want, you prefer partial massages to the full body.

I was completely satisfied because I liked to solve everything, not a specific area

I love chiropractic, and I do it carefully.

You can use your elbow or knee to unravel the hardened portion.

I could also stretch it out in the middle.

It’s really cool and it’s really healing.

You’re so good!

Prices are cheap, and staff are kind and pleasant.

I’ll do it!

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